Friday, April 22, 2011

"Girl" Gets The Beats In McDonalds & Starts To Have A Seizure


Girl Gets The Beats In McDonalds & Starts To Have A Seizure!

Story goes: That "girl" getting beat up is actually a trap. It's a guy in a dress. He went to use the ladies room (seeing as how he presents himself as a woman) to use the bathroom. These girls find out and then every chick in this McDonalds starts to beat the shit out of him. And the "seizure" is supposedly fake. Reports say that when the police show up he/she got up and said they were fine.

"Charm Hackett" is the man recording this whole time and then says to the girls "You better go before the police arrive." These were a few screen caps taken from facebook.

What do you think should happen to the girls that beat the girl/man/thing? What do you believe should happen to Charm Hackett?

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The Smoking Gun is just amazing sometimes


  1. definitely should've stopped it
    The rash decision to beat the person wasn't really a good resolve rofl

  2. Video got taken down from youtube just so you know

  3. Flinn it was basically 2blackgirls1trap.beatdown/seizure.gif