Friday, April 29, 2011

New Nintendo Console and Minecraft Update Features

To take attention away from the Sony crisis, theres some big things happening in the gamer world in the following months!

For starters, Nintendo is doing what they always do and 1-uping the competition.

As stated in Minecraftanian's blog theres a new console coming out from Nintendo, and it's coming sooner than you'd think! According to IGN Nintendo has released the following FACTS about the new system.
  • Nintendo's new system DOES exist
  • It's coming out next year around this time
  • it WILL be playable at E3 2011

Everything else is rumored but damn the rumors are pretty interesting!

I'm sure this is more fact than rumor, but Nintendo is finally jumping up to HD gaming! It's going to be faster than the 360. And the new system being backwards compatible with Wii and Gamecube as well as the Wii and GC controllers. (like Nintendo has always done)

As for the name, there's Wii 2, ProjectCafe, and "Scream." Yes, theres a rumor that the newest system from Nintendo will be called "Scream"

The released controller concept is pretty iffy if you ask me.

It's following the basic format seen in many controllers (4 bumpers, 4 buttons, 2 analogs, 1 d-pad, Start/Select/Home) but the screen is what is what makes this unique. According to rumor, it's going to have the same feed as the TV you're playing on and be a touchscreen for menu options. Interesting to say the least but a few things come to mind for me. Obviously with the screen add-on plus the circuit board in the controller already, this thing is going to be big. Possibly bigger than the original Xbox controller if you ask me. And what kind of batteries are we talking here? I can see this thing burning out of juice FAST!

Overall though, I cannot wait! Being an die-hard Nintendo-fan, I look forward to this new installment in the Nintendo family and am excited to see what they're going to come up with.

Now on to Minecraft! :D

Now keep in mind, I don't play Minecraft simply because I cannot afford it/have time right now, however, I have tinkered around with it and love it so.

One thing that did bother me was how easy it was to get lost in the vast world and you'd have to find your way back before nightfall, which is a hell by itself not adding creepers, natives, etc.

Well these days are no more! The new update coming out for Minecraft has a map feature! 

The map is centered around where you started out, but it's relatively small for how big the world is, so expect to be carrying a few of these guys around.


  1. That concept controller looks absolutely ridiculous! Good to see Nintendo is already committing PR suicide :D

  2. I'm trying not to get too excited over Cafe just yet. Remember when people were going so crazy over the Revolution, and the Revcons, and THE SHELL!

  3. Nintendo has always been good at letting people make up their own little visions of what the next console is but ultimately come out and dash some peoples exceptions but raise others. Nintendo is good at being a reliable gaming company that will release something that will be a good gaming system overall. Will it be fancy? No. Will it be something to pass down the generations? Yes.

    and @Kamatacci I do remember because I was one of them. The Wii did disappoint me a bit, but I'd rather have the Wii over all other systems in that gen. The 360 ended up being good but having the red ring of death, and well we all know about the PS3...

  4. man the nintendo console sounds awesome!

  5. Dude I heard the new Nintendo will be getting full touch screen controllers so you can customize the button placement. I'm not sure how fun that'll be.