Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lazy Cakes

No doubt that some have already seen these, but if you haven't check these out. They're Lazy Cakes! And they fucking work!

Lazy Cakes contain 4mg of melatonin, made with valerian root and all sorts of sleep helping aids. And the craziest thing is they taste good. Not fresh-homemade-out-of-the-oven brownies good, but not that far off.

Now you may say these are like Drank or other anti-energy supplements.

For starters, drank does work, but it just chills you out if you even feel anything. I've met only 1 person that this has actually made sleep, and few others that actually feel it's effects. I have drank it and felt a little relaxed but nothing special. I felt a little groggy too.

Reason: Drank is made with 1/4 the active ingredients that the lazy brownie is made with. Same active ingredients (not sure about the rose hip though) but just 4x more of them. And Lazy Cakes have a LOT less of the high-fructose corn syrup.

I originally bought this at a head shop in Tyler for about 5 bucks thinking it was a fake "special" brownie that would help me just feel a bit buzzed. The girls behind the counter told me all sorts of stuff about how they ate it and passed out and how they're not allowed to eat it during work. My curiosity peaked at this point so I had to buy it and test it out asap! I got home and I started just thinking "This either doesn't work and/or tastes HORRIBLE." So I ate a quater of it (surprisingly tasted like a nice and soft fresh brownie, just cold was all), felt a little tired after about 10-15 minutes, thought to myself "eating the rest wouldn't hurt" and did so. After another 5 minutes I felt that quarter piece that I ate kick in fully and I felt sleepy as hell! I fell asleep a good 25-30 minutes after first eating the brownie and slept like a baby for a good 12 hours to wake up feeling amazing! Fully refreshed and ready to suck the days dick!

I now try to buy these when ever I get the chance (they're sold at a little food place down the road from my apartment for like $3 :D) and I typically only eat half if that and I still sleep for a good 6 hours minimum and always wake up feeling happy and perky! If you have any sort of sleeping problem, need to get back on a regular sleep schedule, or just want to sleep better, buy this damn brownie!

Also, don't be stupid. It says right on the packaging that these are intended for adults. This dumbass right here gave some of his brownie to his 2 year old little brother and his entire family freaked the fuck out. Don't be a fucking moron, read the package, and on that note, don't give your 2 year old brother food that you bought at a gas station/head shop. If he bought this at like a small food place, then I could understand, but I know for damn sure if I buy nachos or something similar at a gas station, I keep them far out of my 2 year old baby sisters reach.


  1. Is it me or is there a really big similarity to spacecake? :P anyway, these things sure look awesome man!

  2. lol i've seen the lazy cake. too bad i'm not a big fan of brownies.

  3. Very interesting, its like an alternative to sleeping pills. That ad "Relaxation Baked In!" is funny too, lol

  4. Hahaha, you are kidding me! Nice post

  5. This looks good, but melatonin always wakes me up D: weird stuff.

  6. id drink it and smoke a fat bowl

  7. dgrphx, I'd suggest the drinks on the lazy cake site. Drank tastes like cheap ass grape soda, and not the good kind.

    tcrosso, yes, 100%. I've had them the past 2 nights as well.

  8. I've heard of drank before but not the cakes, kind of interesting. I'd try it.