Thursday, May 19, 2011

Earths Expiration Date: May 21, 2011

So theres been some talk going around about this church that has discovered when the world shall end.

Thats right, May 21, 2011 is the Rapture. According to Harold Camping who started this: There will be the worlds worst Earthquake, shortly followed by graves opening up and dead bodies getting flung everywhere, BUT WAIT THERES MORE! ALL THOSE DEAD PEOPLE WHO BELIEVED IN JESUS WILL BE RESURRECTED  THATS RIGHT, FUCKING ZOMBIES! AND IN OCTOBER, THE UNIVERSE WILL ALL BE BURNT DOWN! JOIN THE CHURCH NOW AND BECOME ONE OF THE FEW 200 MILLION CHOSEN TO BE SAVED!

I shit you not:

So lets get this straight, there's going to be a lot of shaking, zombies, dead bodies, and fire. All this coming Saturday! Woot! 

Now being the not so religious type (Agnostic) and having read the bible and many other biblical writings of other religions, I can safely say from my knowledge (and common sense) this guy is a fucking loon.

But hey, what if I'm wrong? I'm still going to die the way I live. I'm going to a rave! So if the Zombie Apocalypse happens, guess I'm screwed till I get home. So guys, what are you going to do on May 21st?




  2. I can't wait for this zombie time. Ya know what sucks for zombies, though? Given our modern media, I have money that people shoot first and ask questions later.

  3. I wish this guy didn't give Christians a bad name. Look up the verses he talks about yourself, there's no mention of when the 'day of judgement' is supposed to happen. It specifically states that no one can know the date. He somehow "learned" when the Flood was, then added 7000 years to it because he doesn't understand metaphors.

  4. wow, end of the world is tomorow, who would have thought? :P

  5. Yep, definitely crazy. I'll save a margarita popsicle for Jesus, just in case he shows up to the party.

  6. well. if it is going to happen, then atleast i'll be prepped for the zombies. That's the benefits about gaming. it trains you for the zombie apocolypes

  7. shaun of the dead was hilarious =D