Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Houston Press: The 10 Hottest Sex Offenders? And Schwarzenegger The Impeganator!

Recently, the Houston Press released a list of the "10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offender List

Well needless to say, other than the girls on the list aren't really that hot, this got a lot of people upset. Since then, Houston Press editor Richard Connelly has made a formal apology and regrets publishing such an article. But the link I provided also explains his motives, and honestly, I believe it was amazing. I'm always one to support a controversy topic, and I believe the execution was a bit extreme but pretty informative all and all.

The article shows a mug shot of the females, their names with hyper-linked to their page on the Texas Department of Public Safety, the city where the sexual act was done, the crime, and the victim.  

The reason he made this article was to show people that a sexual offended can be anybody, not just some fat neck-bearded man in his late 40s or an old man that walks around in a robe.


Mr. Connelly if you somehow ever read this, you shouldn't have had to apologize for your article. I respect you sir. Theres not many people that will attack such topics as this. It truly is a "sexist" topic when you hear about a sex offender. When you hear about a male sex offender you always hear "rape" yet when you hear about any female offender you hear "committed a sexual act" or "had an affair with" something along those lines.

Houston Press, keep on keepin' on.

On to more current news. Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated he's has a family behind his ex-wife, Maria  Shriver's back with a member of his staff! 
Arnold lighting up a menthol shortly after sexing his staffer
Not only has his kept this secret away from Maria, he also kept it away from his entire state! Holy shit Arnold! How did NOBODY KNOW ABOUT THIS?! FOR LIKE 10 YEARS! 

All I have to say is if you want to keep a secret in this country, this is your man.


  1. "Victim: Male, 2"
    holy shit. 2far, sharon. 2far...

    and btw none of the girls are hot at all hahah

  2. It is a good point though, it really doesn't matter if the person is hot or ugly, it just depends if they want you and if you want to give it to them. If not, and if they are a crazy SOB, then who knows what they might do.

  3. I like that list, why should male pervs get all the attention?

  4. i was kinda expecting to see my old grade school teacher on that list, aaaall the boys in class wanted to get with her, and hey one succeeded and she got in biig trouble

  5. how about a list of hot law abiding citizens?

  6. Just seeing the Southpark picture got me loling

  7. its good to be the gov... xD

  8. yeah I agree it's a very sexist topic. people just automatically assume all rapists are men.

  9. Lol those women are nowhere near to being "hot" by any standards. "Keep on keepin' on" lol
    Also who knows how many more mistresses our Mr. Governator might have had...