Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sorry For The Slow Day Yesterday :(

Yesterday was just a uneventful day for me. I slept away most of the day, when I was awake I watched Ninja Warrior and nothing was really blog worthy. I thought about doing another "Caturday" but none of the kitty pictures I found were really funny/cute/etc. I'm thinking a majority of today will be the same, but thats because today is going to be busy! My girlfriend and myself are having a cook out/pool party with her co-workers, I'm going up to the company that "hired" me to figure out why I haven't received any phone calls as to my work scheduled or training, headed to Walmart to fix my tire that has a nail in it, and numerous other things that will undoubtedly knock me out by the end of the day. Hopefully I'll post something later today/tonight and I'll try to be back 100% on my blogging-mood by tomorrow.

Now I've been up all night so I'm going to get some sleep, I leave you with a goodnight and this in real life Pillow Pet:


  1. what the hell is that thing?

  2. dude... I want a panda dog too. Those were supposed to be extinct.

  3. Have a fun party!
    I can't tell if that's a dog or a panda...

  4. That is the cutest puppy or panda!

  5. I would say that is a dog that has been painted. But I also have to say that is the cutest thing ever.